Quality Lives Here!

About Us

Perimeter security is the first line of defense in protecting our valuable assets. Unfortunately, "Great Quality" fencing systems are not available in the market at a "Affordable Price". We are told that to have the one you have to sacrifice the other.

Power Bloc Fencing is changing the Status Quo! 

It's time to interrupt the market in a BIG way!

Power Bloc Fencing is swiftly becoming the leader in supplying welded mesh fencing systems to the African market. We supply to all who invest in modern security fencing solutions. 


Its passionate members collectively possess the skills and knowledge to add value to an aggressively growing market, by offering fencing solutions which is known for quality & great pricing.

Our experienced management makes sure that all your needs are met. Our mission is to surpass your expectations!

The leadership consist of a vast and matured bank of experience in supply chain, project management, infrastructure projects & security.